Inspire Me Yoga & Consultant Services
Are you looking to add wellness for your employees?


Inspire Me Consultants offers a unique approach to stress management and self improvement. The program includes mind-body approaches for both stress reduction and self improvement. When typically most stress management programs only focus on the reduction of stress. Our program is focused on not only stress reduction, but self improvement. Based on the understanding that the mind, body, and emotions are deeply connected and, together, impact our well being on all levels including personal, physical, social and job performance. Scientific research has demonstrated benefits of mind-body approaches and practices in stress reduction and self improvement. Mind-body interventions can have a profoundly healing effect and help improve one's mood, focus, concentration, memory and productivity. This program can be designed to fit the needs of any corporation, university and wellness entitative. Please contact us if you answered "yes" to any of the following questions:

Do you wish your company incorporated some type of wellness into their existing health program?

Would you like to learn more about stress reduction?
Is your company looking for a wellness professional that can help reduce office tension and at the same time increase productivity?
Is your company having a hard time with curtailing absenteeism?

Do you want to offer a course in movement and relaxation in your school or town?  

If you answered yes, to any of these questions you clicked on the right site! I have the ability to help you tailor a program to fit your specific needs. This could be a short term program or a long term program. Please click on above to see what types of services I can provide and what your specific needs are. Please contact me to schedule an appointment so we can discuss further what Inspire Me Consultant services can offer you or your company!

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